Mend A broken Heart Spell

Heartbreak is so hard to contain , learning how to cope can seem unachievable sometimes. Don’t give up though, you got this my people!

Heartbreak doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of romantic love. Heartbreak can happen to people in the most loving and supportive of romantic relationships. You might be heartbroken over a relationship with one of your parents or a family member. You can experience heartbreak from a friendship that has turned sour. Maybe you have a pet that passed away and you are struggling to cope. Luckily magic doesn’t discriminate and this spell will help you heal all forms of a broken heart.

If you haven’t done any spell casting before, it might be helpful for you to read this spellcasting that we wrote along with this guide to manifesting what you want (in this case a healed heart).

how to heal a broken heart ritual
If your heart feels like this, this ritual can help you!